Jacquelyn Smith


Editor by Serenity Software

While software can never replace an actual person going through your manuscript, it can help you weed out mistakes before you hand your work over to someone else. This will save their time, and if you’re paying for editing services, it can also save you money.

There are lots of programs to choose from, but Editor is affordable and offers a free trial. I’ve also found it has helped me to pick up on bad writing habits I never knew I had.


Novel Proofreading by Diana Cox

Having a final product that’s free of typos and grammatical errors is even more important for indie authors, since self-publishing has gotten such a bad reputation in this regard. Diana is helpful and friendly, and her services are affordable and open to indie authors.

If you’re thinking of trying Diana’s services, I recommend contacting her in advance to get an idea of her current availability, since her schedule can fill up quickly.

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