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World of Lasniniar Cover Art

The original covers for Light Chasers, Legacy Hunter, Soul Seeker, and Shadow Stalker were designed by Robin Ludwig Design using paid, royalty-free images from Dreamstime. Robin is fantastic to work with, and I’ve always gotten my final covers within a week of contacting her for a project. (Even during Christmas!)
Starting with Storm Rider, I’ve created the rest of my cover art myself because I love playing in Photoshop. 😉 I also did a reboot of my previous Lasniniar covers to give my books an overall sense of author branding.


Stand-Alone Short Story and Legends of Lasniniar Cover Art

I designed the covers for all my stand-alone short story works and the rebooted Legends of Lasniniar covers using a combination of free, royalty-free images and fonts, and paid royalty-free stock images from Dreamstime.
If you’re interested in learning more about designing your own ebook cover art for free, I wrote a blog post on it a while back. (Please note: Minimum cover image size requirements have increased since this post was written. You can check out the current sizing standards on Amazon/Smashwords/etc. where you are uploading your cover image.)
Free, royalty-free image sources: Freeimages, Pexels
Free, royalty-free fonts: dafont, Font Squirrel



I design the maps for my books by drawing them on paper, scanning them onto my computer and dressing them up with Photoshop.
If you’re interested in doing the same, but don’t have a copy of Photoshop, Gimp is a free image manipulation tool. There are also some map generating software tools out there worth looking at. I’ve listed a few of them in this blog post.


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