Jacquelyn Smith


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The World of Lasniniar Series

Elves and dwarves, magic and monsters… The adventures in this epic fantasy series span thousands of years.
The quests are often dangerous, with a potential battle lurking around every corner. Luckily, these heroes are not only badass, but they also have a quirky sense of humor.





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Fatal Empire

The Dharakmeni Empire is a dangerous place, where nothing is as it seems.
Those not practiced in the ways of intrigue quickly become either pawns or victims in the layered game of cut-throat politics, as Raziel soon learns in this first-person fantasy quartet.





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Short Stories

A young mage on the rise, a humble scribe trapped by war, and a veritable Queen of Thieves who accepts a mysterious hire just for the challenge of it…
All three of these characters face unexpected turns in three fantasy short stories, including The Unclean and The God’s Eye, which were back-to-back winners in the Writers’ Journal Annual Fiction Contest.


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Like thrillers with a heroine who kicks ass? I also write as Kat Irwin:

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The Kira Brightwell Series

Kira’s life had been going according to plan… until the summer after graduating from college, when everything changed.

Now, she is a snarky, clever problem solver for hire, with a set of hard-won MMA skills, and a personal history with abduction.