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Waywardscribe Reboot (Yay?)

Yesterday, after probably years of consideration, I finally decided to change the primary domain on the back-end of my web hosting account. (The original primary domain was one I had lost all intentions of using and had no desire to keep paying for it.) Unfortunately, this site became collateral damage in the process. (Which sucks, because I had years of posts on here. And of course, my other, newer sites are perfectly fine.)

I’ve tried moving and editing files, restoring to a former version, and any combination of other things, but nothing seems to be working. It’s all become such a jumbled mess at this point, I don’t seem to have any other option but to go nuclear and start over. *sigh*

Right before I initiated the process of changing the primary domain, I did make copies of my pages and a few posts that were either important or popular. (However I didn’t perform a WordPress backup, which probably would have been helpful. I naively thought the site backup I had made via cPanel would be sufficient in a worst-case scenario.)

Bascially, I’m going to be rebuilding a stripped-down version of the previous site. This means redirects from pages I was no longer maintaining will no longer exist, and many old posts with my ramblings or out-of-date book news are now gone, along with comments any of you might have posted. (Sorry.)

My situation reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Family Guy (hopefully with less ghetto results):

I’m trying to tell myself this could be a good thing. I’ve had this site for so long, it was getting pretty cluttered on the back-end anyway. So apologies in advance for any hiccups/weirdness that will likely occur over the next few days. We’ll see how it goes…

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